Scottish Online Chess Organisation (SOCO)
The Scottish National Online Chess League (SNOCL) , under the auspices of the Scottish Online Chess Organisation (SOCO) is a 5 round All-play-all event (if numbers allow).
The event is for teams of five players, 5 rounds, two rounds per day (1 round on last date followed by an individual Quickplay tournament)
The first round starts 11.00 am and second round 2.00 pm.

- Time control is 25 mins + 10 secs increment per player
- The ‘Home’ team gets Black on boards 1,3 & 5
- Team captains should make sure their team members are online in at least 5 minutes before the start time
- All players should be made aware not to have another game in progress on as they probably will not be able to accept a challenge
- Team captains should get the fixtures from the League Management System and make their players aware of who they should be playing and if they are to make a challenge
- At the start time the player with White should challenge his opponent
- Please make sure the game is shown as rated.
- If your opponent has not accepted the challenge, please inform your team captain and the opposition team captain will be informed
- Default time will be 25 minutes
- Results should be given to your team captain so they can update the league website
- Once all games are complete the team captains are to ensure the correct result is put in to the SOCO website

In order: Result of match between the tied teams, then board points, then Sonneborn Berger, then sum of opponents match points, and finally sum of opponents board points. If they're still tied after that, toss of coin!

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